Data Security is a basic right on the web. We will help you keep it that way.

We have helped our customers consistently identify vulnerabilities even after they had already evaluated their applications through other providers.

Our Clients

Application Penetration Testing

We secure applications independent of the platforms they are running on. We identify security issues at precise line in code and provide remedial solutions with no local installation.

Cloud Service Penetration Testing

We specialize in penetration testing for AWS, Azure, Heroku and many other cloud services. We have a dedicated team that tests cloud hosted SaaS applications and underlying infrastructure.

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Our Services

Web Service Audit

Web services need to be tested at multiple levels depending on audit requirements. We deliver a concept for a collaborative, flexible, legislation compliant, application independent audit system. 

Infrastructure Audit

Our staff is specially trained for performing comprehensive assessment of network, data center, compute, storage and security solutions.

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Source Code Review

Code review is an effective technique for identifying security flaws. We use automated tools and manual penetration testing for code review to significantly increase the cost effectiveness of an application.

Thick Client Application Testing

We provide complete vulnerabilities assessment for applications that provides rich functionality, independent of the server applications.

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Our Process

We run an industry standard hybrid security check on your systems.

Analyze the report based on your specific business logic & Remove false positives from the report.​

Compile a report with prioritized security flaws & suggested fixes

We are the organizers of renowned security conference

Let us help you unleash the hidden vulnerabilities which may cause potential damage.

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